How Dare to Fly Fashion Started

How Dare to Fly Fashion Started

Dare To FLY Fashion by Jen Toplak, was launched late 2015 after company founder and designer Jen Toplak created the iconic Chicks FLY t-shirt for the International Organization of Woman Pilots to collect funds for aviation scholarships. The tee became an international fashion “must have” and Jen soon spun off her new line of shirts and hats to satisfy customer demand for new designs.

Jen Toplak’s talent as an artist, her keen eye for aesthetics and knowledge as an instrument rated pilot guides her to create interesting, edgy and fun designs that are stylish and sophisticated for the chic and modern pilot who wants to showcase his or her passion for aviation and inspire others to learn to fly.

In keeping with her philanthropic ways, a percentage of all proceeds go to aviation scholarships.


Jen Toplak’s Bio

Jen Toplak Dare to Fly

Dr. Jennyfer (Jen) Toplak, a multi-talented and professionally diverse female role model came to the United States from Venezuela in 2000 recently becoming a US citizen. After leaving a successful career practicing medicine, Jen became an award winning artist creating inspiring photo realistic oil paintings. Visit her artist website at www.jentoplak.com

Jen’s other passion is aviation. She is an Instrument Rated Private Pilot with more than 600 flying hours now working towards her single pilot jet rating. She completed her Cirrus Perspective Advanced Transition Training; she loves flying places, chasing adventure, discovering new cities and feeling free while in the sky.

As part of her aviation pursuit, she joined the The Ninety-nines, Inc – the international organization of women pilots-, a worldwide aviators group founded by Amelia Earhart in 1929 and dedicated to promote the advancement of women in aviation. Jen is serving her second term as the Chairman of the Florida Goldcoast Chapter.

Jen believes that flying enriches women’s lives by building self-esteem, a sense of freedom and empowerment. She successfully inspires the younger generations through her community outreach with the 99s and through social media, follow her on FB and IG @daretoflyfashion. She decided to create the line of apparel “Dare to Fly Fashion” to promote aviation by speaking out loud about her love for flying through her designs and to offer a more contemporary dress option for pilots who are passionate about flying.